The DiablocTM Contrast Enhancing Multifilter for Microscopy


The Diabloc Digital Multifilter works with your microscope's light source to provide bright field plus five well-known contrast-increasing illumination methods for transmissive microscopy--all in a single instrument. "See what you have been missing!"


The Diabloc Optic Multifilter replaces dark field, Rheinberg, slit, and crescent oblique illumination accessories. Each illumination type is instantly selectable and adjustable using a computerized graphical user interface. Each illumination setup can be optimized and saved as a preset for later recall.

Dark field and Rheinberg Illumination: Precisely adjust light stop diameter to fit each objective

Oblique Illumination: Slit and Crescent—Size and position of slit and crescent are adjustable

Bright field Illumination: White light or color

Anaglyph 3D Illumination: Red-Cyan real-time viewing

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The Diabloc Optic Multifilter is a great teaching aid, a tool for use in research, and a tool for quickly viewing specimens using a variety of illumination techniques.

Price: US $1,998 + tax where applicable.

Includes: Diabloc II Optic Multifilter, Universal mounting stand, USB cable, and Thumb drive with software and User Guide.


A limited number of beta units are available at substantially reduced cost. Inquire at


Diabloc Digital Multifilter Gallery

The following images and videos were taken using the Diabloc Digital Multifilter. They show how the Diabloc Multifilter is used in a variety of scientific and artistic disciplines.



Click on the video. This video shows switching between illumination methods in real time using presets in the Diabloc II. In the past, changing illumination types meant installing accessories and optimizing each one before use. With the Diabloc II, optimized illumination methods are saved as presets and then selected with the click of a mouse. This saves time, ensures that specimens are compared under identical conditions, and encourages a user to see what they would otherwise miss.





Caffeine Series

Click on Images to enlarge.

Micropaleontology and Phycology--Diatoms and Radiolaria

Chemistry and Crystallography



Textile Studies

Petrography and Meteorite Studies

3D Anaglyphs--New!--View with red-cyan glasses


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